Satsang Market

“Organic, natural and tasty Yoga food booths” all gather up at Shanti space in Satsang!
These yummy, pretty, and healthy yoga food and drink will replenish you inside and outside.
Also “Gotta buy” shops have yoga wear, goods and official items for you.

Under the Okinawa blue sky, enjoy the live music and food in the grass area then spend your afternoon to shop, yoga, or enjoy cobalt blue ocean…anyway you wish to.


Date Fri, Oct 14 12:00 - 20:00
Sat, Oct 15 10:00 - 20:00
Sun, Oct 16 10:00 - 20:00
Venue Shanti space


  • Café Bar GoMe

    Café Bar GoMe

    We love curry so much, we make your curry with our heart, and we want you to enjoy it!
    Vegetable Masala curry with full of Veggie
    Home made Chai with a kick of spice,
    Enzyme juice made with real fruits,

  • ぱん工房 おとなりや

    Bread factory Otonariya

    At the corner of Yomitan village in Okinawa, we bake our bread using mostly wheat from Kyusyu and local veggies and food.
    *Will be available only on 16th.

  • Borrachos


    Hola ! Amigos !
    All home made from tortilla to salsa.
    Please enjoy piping hot freshly made tacos!



    The best street food in Vietnam…Yes, Banh Mi sandwich! And the best Banh Mi in Okinawa…Yes, CO’MNGON!
    We are small restaurant in Tsuboya, Naha offers Banh Mi and Vietnamese food.
    Banh Mi is a Baguette sandwich born when Vietnam was ruled by France but evolved in to the most famous Vietnam street food.
    CO’MNGON will be coming to SATSANG with home made bread.
    Must eat!

    Available: 14th -16th



    「The SCARPETTERS」is a food catering team created by BACAR in Kumoji, Naha.
    Appears in many events and places in Okinawa, they provide high quality food as well as Yummy and Fun catering experience.
    The BISTRO BUS will offer pizza and gypsy sandwich that is made with pizza crust. All ingredients are carefully selected, veggie sandwich will be available as well.
    Please enjoy the food!
    To customers
    We don’t use preserves. Please enjoy the food within 2 hours after served. If you are allergic to certain food materials, please let us know and we can provide further information.

    Available on 14th and 16th.
    Come find a big yellow American bus!



    With the motto“Eat to make you healthy”, DOSHA provides Vegan food that please your mind and body.
    At SATSANG, with as much as Okinawan organic veggies as possible, these will be available Chinese medicated Herb curry Squash and Tomato Veggie curry Veggie Keema curry
    Drink menu:DOSHA original iced coffee, Organic tea made in Okinawa, arranged Drink made with home made mix berry syrup

    Available 14th -16th
    Looking forward to see you!

  • Parlor Pokapoka

    Parlor Pokapoka

    Smoothie and pan cake,in Kitanakagusuku.
    The owner created their original recipe! No water or ice cubes, and white sugar added. The texture is in between ice cream and soft served cream. Okinawan organic veggies and fruits meet hemp & soymilk. Perfect to replenish your body after yoga! Kids and Vegan friendly.
    ★Tropical Fruits Smoothie
    ★Okinawan Green Smoothie
    ★Brazillian Açaí Smoothie
    ★Five berries Smoothie
    ★Strawberry cacao Smoothie
    ☆Açaí Bowl
    Please come enjoy!



    SU-SU-SOON trying to serve food that you can eat everyday and never get bored.At their lunchtime, the buffet filled with vegetable are popular, But Su-Su-Soon is not a vegan or vegetarian natural food restaurant.It is just a regular restraint.To all yogis who come to SATSANG from all over Japan, we will provide
    ⭐︎Rolled Sushi with local veggies (Marinated Tofu rolled with a lot of veggies)
    ⭐︎Black Sesame noodles (Okinawan soba/noodles in soymilk based soup with spicy sesame seed seasoning)
    ⭐︎Long stick (Chicken and Cheese bar)
    …And more!
    Will be there for 3 days, so menu will be varies.Try our small items such as home made food in a jar, sampling available. Will be available for 14(Fri) to 16(Sun) Please come to see us!

  • ISLANDER Living Magazine / Kume island Coffee

    ISLANDER Living Magazine / Kume island Coffee

    The Naedoko family who seeks and leads sustainable and exciting life in Okinawa runs this shop“ISLANDER Living Magazine”.
    At Okinawa Satsang Market, Okinawa roast organic “Kumejima Coffee”will be the main menu, served for you to enjoy rich relaxing time.



    heir offer 10 various kinds of bagels!These no additives,all natural ingredients from Okinawa and Kyusyu region bagels with natural yeast will satisfy your apertite.How about salmon cream cheese on cranberry bagel?Will be available Oct 14-16.

  • Ennatural/FYTTE web

    Ennatural/FYTTE web

    No preservatives, no food coloring, no artificial sweetener are used. The free sample of natural kind of smoothie “En natural ”will be available.Follow us on Instagram and you can get free yoga wear by drawing.Collaborating with FYTTE web that provides information of beauty and health. Please come see us at the booth!

  • Shibire Kurage

    Shibire Kurage

    Shibire Kurage is a shop where you can enjoy water cigar located inIchiban street in Okinawa city.With the Middle Eastern music and interior and atmosphere, you can enjoy water cigar here.Water cigar is from India; People enjoy it during their break time in the Middle East. With the cigarette leaf with various flavors, heat by hot charcoal and enjoy the vapor. Flavors varies about 60 kinds varies from fruit to spice, flower and/or coffee.With it filtered by water, non-smokers favor this flavor cigar. Shibire Kurage provides many drinks; you can enjoy it while you enjoy your drink too.
    800 yen per use and it takes around 45 minutes, so it is really reasonable. It’s recommended to share with someone if you are trying it first time.How about experience different culture while you are at Okinawa Satsang.




    Feeling good and comfortable to live.
    “RAINBOW WATER”was born in Okinawa, as a brand to express their passion to share their motto by making hemp item and natural stone accessories.
    They will be waiting for you again with hemp yoga wear and mats that feels good and more items that satisfies many.They look forward to see many of you at their booth and website, or other opportunities.

  • Irocolife


    Their concept is to take color in to daily life and they select items by the concept.They provide ethnic and natural ladies and kids, plus some men’s items, which they go travel and buy at each Asian country. Some are original that hand made by local artists and these make your life more fun. Their clothes will be worn for yoga.Will be at Satsang all 3 days, looking forward to see many of you.