Ikki Bando, one of the most talented and leading “Yogi" in Japan (Executive producer, vocal and Shruthi Box),
A hot and intelligent "Diva" Momoko Kuroki (Lead vocal),
Noritaka Ubukata, who is a magician of sound that shakes the world (Composer, Vocal, Theremin, synthesizer and keyboard)
the cutting edge super fine sound creator DJ KGO (Composer, re-mixer)
, are the 4 main members.

Yoga as their main concept, Their sound which organically combined Indian classic music and modern electronic music has polarity like Yin and Yang, Darkness and light, moon and the sounds express 『Twisted and connected between the latest and the oldest, has universality like the Moebius strip』
Their second album 『Light on Yoga Nada』 marked the first place for long period at the biggest yoga music store 『』

With their excellence music, they are expected to become a 『pioneer of yoga music in Japan.

The fascinating performance expresses “endless circle of transmigration in the six posthumous worlds” such as heaven, earth, slaughter, preta, beast and hell. No doubt it is going to be an amazing live set no one has seen. Lets dance off the night!



『Okinawa SATSANG2016 VAIKUNTHAS Live Set all musicians/artists/performers』

Ikki Bando (from VAIKUNTHAS・Leader、Shruti box)
Momoko Kuroki (from VAIKUNTHAS・Lead Vo.)

Setsuo Miyashita (Santur)
Aki-Ra Sunrise (Diijurido)
Wataru Kosaka(Sarod)
Satomi Kanou(singing rin)
Kuon(Fire performer)
Makiko JIkihara(Odissi dancer)
Mina Nakajima(Dancer)
Project Agni(Tribal belly dancers)
Maitri Miki(Tribal Belly dancer)
Hisano Nakamoto(Bali dancer)
Towako Yonashiro(Bali dancer)