Shanti Space

Blue sky and big tree on the green grass. Shanti space is a happy place for everyone in Satsang.

Food booths and shops are around this area, kids can have fun in play area and DJ and musician plays outside so you can dance!

Or you can sit back in the comfy couch and enjoy some wine with yoga friends!

During the event, many free events will be in this area to make this filled with happy and Shanti music and peoples smile.

Enjoy your time here!

  • KID’s Area

    KID’s Area

    A slide and trampoline, quoits to play for kids, while mom relaxes and enjoys her sip of wine on the comfy couch…

  • 琉球美食

    Satsang Market

    “Organic, natural and tasty Yoga food booths” all gather up at Shanti space in Satsang!
    These yummy, pretty, and healthy yoga food and drink will replenish you inside and outside.
    Also “Gotta buy” shops have yoga wear, goods and official items for you.

    Under the Okinawa blue sky, enjoy the live music and food in the grass area then spend your afternoon to shop, yoga, or enjoy cobalt blue ocean…anyway you wish to.

  • 沖縄SATSANG2016公式物販ブース

    Okinawa SATSANG2016 official goods

    The famous Tshirts which has different Indian God every year, the hat with the logo, CDs by the artists who performs at Satsang… so many to choose from that you can only find here. This is the official booths of SATSANG 2016.

  • 沖縄SATSANG公式 Open Air Bar “Yogi’s Bar”

    Okinawa SATSANG official Open Air Bar “Yogi’s Bar”

    Like organic wine favored by yogis, drinks that satisfyies your taste buds and body. Beer you have outside is the best!

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