Yogini’s Night Life

Okinawa Satsang Night Music event “Yogini’s Night Life”,
is about yoga music and beyond combined dance and performance for all yoga lovers, will be here at the event this year again!

We have gorgeous selection of who will play here.
Top artists from Japan and over seas will play music, dance, DJ for the keyword “Yoga”.
We guarantee the ecstacic moment that you never felt before with everybody at the scene.
Come join this new yoga possibility only in Satsang!

Yogini’s Night Life Detail

Date Fri, Oct 14 18:00 - 19:00
Sat, Oct 15 18:30 - 22:30
Sun, Oct 16 18:30 - 22:30
Venue Ryukyu Martial Arts studio
Fee 3,000 Yen (One day) / 7,500 Yen (Three days)

Fri, Oct 14

  • Indian Classic Dance Odissi dance


    Makiko Jikihara and more

    Opening act of Okinawa Satsang 2016 night music event is a Odissi dance which is described as “dancing engraving”.

    The flowing beautiful movement grabs audience heart.

    Please enjoy the dance as a dedication to Gods by beautiful Naoko Jikihara presented by live music by Indian instrumentals.



    Yuya SarashinaCRISTAL NADA

    It has been receiving high review for last 2 years, the performance by Yuya Sarashina , prince in Yoga world, with the collaboration of Crystal Nada who is a yoga musician known for the heavenly sounds.

  • Misako Koja Ryukyu classic song Live Set


    Misako Koja and KojaBand(Seimei Kobayashi、Dazoku、Gekko)

    Misako Koja, One of the greatest in the Ryukyu classic music, might be known for her recent act of being a member of Unai group produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
    Her voice might touch your heart and bring tears…
    Please take this moment as a souvenir of your island trip.

Sat, Oct 15

  • CALM DJ Set



    A pioneer and his career has established in Balearic dance music field, DJ Calm will present special set for Okinawa Satsang. Let your body go to his music as you feel the vibration of your heart, step the ground with your dance of joy in the groove!

  • Ecstatic Yoga Dance


    Masui Lacoste and Aki-ra Sunrise

    This is an ecstatic Yoga and Dance music session by Masumi Lacoste, who is the leading Chakra work teacher. Let’s get surrounded by the music created by Hado(Vibration) musician Aki-ra Sunrise, feel the movement rising within to activate 5 elements that relates to chakra and release to free your soul and to dance. All of laughter, shout, and the energy come from inside lead us to oneness experience that unites to the love towards earth. Lets celebrate the finale that “unites with love”.

  • Kanako Horiuchi Ryukyu classic songs Live Set


    Kanako Horiuchi

    Her clear and shining voice change the atmosphere as soon as she starts singing…that could bring some tears, or let some indulge.

    Kanako Horiuchi is a young talented singer in Classic Ryukyu music world.
    Her soul voice stays in our heart forever!

  • VAIKUNTHAS Black Magic Live Set


    VAIKUNTHAS and more

    The Satsang 2016 official musician VAIKUNTHAS who has many fans just come this event to watch the performance.
    This year, Ikki Bando who is a one of the best yogis in Japan and also a leader of the band brings 20 musicians and performers to the stages.
    The fascinating performance express “endless circle of transmigration in the six posthumous worlds” such as heaven, earth, slaughter, preta, beast and hell.
    No doubt it is going to be an amazing live set no one has seen. Lets dance off the night!

Sun, Oct 16



    Yogabale DancersGo Sato and Risa Nishiura

    This popular event at Satsang, “Yoga Balearic Rave Party”=YogaBale, is hybrid sub-culture of cutting edge dance music and yoga and dance. Everybody can join and be a center of this show. Two best yoga teacher Go Sato and Risa Nishiura will be leading this. Ride on the sound beam, feel ecstasy and oneness with mind and body and go beyond!



    KuonAki-ra Sunrise、Dazoku

    This special live set is dedicated to Indian fire god, Agni.
    Perfomed by fire artist Kuon, Hado(Vibe) artist Aki-ra Sunrise and Ryukyu Drum Unit Dazoku.
    Enjoy this beautiful collaboration of Ryukyu tribal beat and fire performance.

  • RaBiRaBi Live Set



    Unique trio band who is famous and performed at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, RISING ROCK FESTIVAL and other event in Japan and abroad.
    From the sweet “Ambient Music” to dancing “Jomon Trans”, their blissful live stage will take cloud to heaven, “Shamanistic Groovehouse”.

  • Okinawa SATSANG2016 Ending Big Session Live Set


    SATSANG All star musicians and performers

    The very last show of Okinawa SATSANG2016 presented by all musicians and performers!
    Lets finish up this 3day festival by dancing and singing and celebrate the finale.
    There will be Oneness you have never felt before…

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